Pjotr van Agtmaal – Wild at Heart

October 7 – November 24, 2017 at Café Bern


Yes, Pjotr van Agtmaal, a.k.a. DJ Pjotr from Hell, showing his pictures at Café Bern. Wild at Heart is the perfect title for this exhibition. An interpretion of his universe, rocked onto the canvas, packed with energy. Rhythm, structure, dark-light, expression-imagination, whatever you would like to see. Interactive, what you see is what you see, he is merely giving you directions, work it out for yourself. One might describe his work as abstract ‘expressionisme moderne‘, but what’s in a name?

Below you can have a preview of one of the works exhibited at Café Bern

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Rainy day, dream away

Pjotr van Agtmaal
Acryl on canvas – 75 cm x 100 cm

Exhibited at Café Bern
October 7 – November 24, 2017

Pjotr van Agtmaal


The work of Pjotr van Agtmaal, a.k.a. DJ Pjotr from Hell, might be described as abstract ‘expressionisme moderne‘, but what’s in a name?

But one thing´s for sure: Rock ’n Roll is his primary source of inspiration.

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