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Editors and specialists of Amsterdam’s leading newspaper Het Parool tip the reader in which six restaurants the best cheese fondue in town is served; including of course Café Bern.

But we are puzzled about the reference to pickled vegetables (Amsterdams zuur); no doubt the imagination of the editors must have run wild.


  • Het Parool, PS, 2nd of December, 2023
Liz Dautzenberg, when asked “What would be the first thing for you to do, once restrictions will me lifted?”

“(…) But the first of all back to the grand table at Café Bern, with my whole family, enjoying the steak au poivre, and drinking, dancing and talking until you drop at the Aprilfeesten.(…)”:

  • Het Parool, 15th of December, 2020
National TV coverage during lockdown:

  • NOS Journaal, 5th of May, 2020
    in the 6 o’clock and 8 o’clock TV news
Hotspots for the best fondue:

  • Elle Eten, November 24, 2018

Het Parool, May 20, 2017

  • Excellent review in the no. 1 Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool


A video to promote Jessica Lipowski’s book ‘Flavors of life’,
Summer 2016

More info on Jessica Lipowski and her book:

Winelife magazine, April-May 2016

  • On Swiss wine in general and Café Bern’s Swiss wines in particular.



‘They are melting the cheeses once more in Café Bern at Nieuwmarkt, after 8 months of renovation’


Het Parool, April 20, 2015

  • At the occasion of our return to Nieuwmarkt, after the renovation.


Seen in:

De Telegraaf, April 16, 2015

  • A few days before leaving our temporary location at Nieuwe Hoogstraat, to return to the renovated Nieuwmarkt premises.


Seen on: on April 9, 2015


Things from Amsterdam that
I am missing

  • ” Café Bern/Nieuwmarkt: I have been working there for years and I still have many good friends at Café Bern.”


Seen in:

Het Parool, 2nd of August, 2014

  • Robbert Slagman “One way ticket”.



“(…. ) And the cheese fondue by Bern at the Nieuwmarkt is so good, it makes you want to cry (….)”
Seen in:

Het Parool, 31st of May, 2014

  • Ruut Weissman in “Op de klapstoel”.


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